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Your lawn and backyard are important factors in assessing your home value. If your property feels less like an enchanting forest and more like a lackluster lot, then it's time to renovate. Earthwise Earthworks & Construction, LLC offers zero scaping, landscaping and terracing services, including retaining wall installation, in Silver City, NM. You can count on our experienced team to revitalize your property and build a landscape you can be proud of.

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What can Earthwise Earthworks & Construction do for you?

What can Earthwise Earthworks & Construction do for you?

Earthwise Earthworks & Construction has years of experience designing and creating landscapes in the Silver City, NM area. In addition to terracing and retaining wall installation, our services include:

  • Permaculture and water management
  • Decorative gravel installation
  • French drain installation
  • Irrigation installation

To learn more about irrigation installation and land terracing, call 575-654-6745 today. With skilled terracing work, we can add to the depth of your topsoil and cut down on erosion in no time.